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Instructions to Play Bump Copter Game 

Bump copter are my best laptops of favourite flash games, what you need to do here is just fly the helicopter towards the red flag, and in between you get moving obstackles, you can bump into walls but don't bump into mines or it hurts your helicopter.

Flash Helicopter Game

Instructions to Play Online Helicopter Game

Initially you need to press Snake game the left mouse button to make the copter move, once released then it goes down, if not it goes up again, concentrate on left button to skip the obstackles. The goal is to go as far as possible into the cave.

Play Bump Copter Game Now

Description about Heli Attack 3 Game

Heli attack 3 is a copter shooting flash game, where first stage gives you training and mean while you need to collect weapons and controls of game paper duck tiktok and keep an eye on your health, and colloct bonus points by smashing the copter by your gun.

Online Flash DogFight Copter Game, Play now.

Instructions to Play DogFight Game

You have Baldi Basics to shoot down the copter which is in red colour in first round, you need to operate only two arrow keys and one space bar, where up and down arrow is used for up and down movement copter, space is used for shooting of your opponent.

Online Sky Chopper Game, Play now.

Instructions to Play Sky Chopper Game

You have to shoot down as many enemy troops as you can while you try to reach your destination lalafanfan duck. When enemies get Wednesday destructed you gradually collect their powerups just to make your helicopter stronger. Good luck to fighter soldier! For controls click "play now"below.